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Orel Kimchi B.A.


B.A in History and a teaching Diploma 


My tasks are divers in IMA. My part in the school is mainly to support the teachers and students in
whatever is needed, while speaking English to the children. I split my time between the primary and secondary
classes as needed. From time to time I also have a few lessons and activities with the children in different subjects
such as Comics, Geography and learning Hebrew (as I am a native speaker of the language).
Also, I am responsible for the lunch care program for the young kids. 

Life Philosophy:

Always try to think on the other person before thinking of yourself.

Why did I become a teacher?

Since I was very young I enjoyed being able to share with other people things I love and feel
passionate about. Before becoming a teacher, I have worked as a tour guide for many years
and had the pleasure of showing and teaching new things I love every day! From there- the road to
becoming a teacher was very clear :).  

What makes me special and unique as a teacher?

I believe that real learning comes from understanding how to use the things learnt
in school in our own lives. Because of this I try to connect every subject I teach to my students lives. 

View in the Future:

Keeping on learning new things while reflating on old things.